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My Fatcow Review

A year in the life of a Fatcow Hosting customer

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Fatcow Review


Current Rating of Fatcow based on experiences as detailed below.

Pricing: 5 out of 5
Support: N/A (haven't had to use yet)
Reliability/Uptime: 5 out of 5
Billing & Accounts 5 out of 5

2013 Update & Special Coupon- Posted 12 June 2013

So I'm updating this review after a veyr long time and it has just occured to me that I have now had this fatcow review up for over 4 years. Quite a while!

So far I haven't had any problem with Fatcow's hosting services. I have also had uptime monitoring on this site now running for those 4 years. The uptime is consistently reported at around 99.8% and as I explained in my post below this really translated to about 99.9% due to the minimum 5 minutes downtime that is attributed to every outage even if it is just for a few seconds.

I have also come across a coupon for Fatcow for $3.15/month, you can access the coupon through this link . For $3.15/mo this really is a great deal.

End of 2011 Update- Posted 28 December 2011

It has now been about 2 years and 9 months since I started this website as an ongoing review of Fatcow's web hosting services. In this time I have experienced excellent uptime and reliability. For more information see the uptime report Fatcow's uptime for 2009 was 99.79%, 2010 was 99.88% and 2011 up till now is 99.77%. This is excellent uptime by any standard but the down time is overstated because the monitoring system only monitors once every 5 minutes. This means that even if the server was unresponsive for 30 seconds the monitoring system would record a downtime of 5 minutes. Overall I think Fatcow's hosting is as close to 100% as possible.

Fatcow Uptime & Coupon - Posted 23 April 2010

It's been a few months since my last update. Overall everything is going fine. The site's been running fine as well as other sites I have on FatCow. I was just looking at the uptime report for Fatcow's servers, the uptime since 14 June 2009 is 99.854%, this uptime is very much overstated however because the monitoring is at 5 minute intervals. Which means that even if the site goes down for 20 seconds the uptime monitoring records it as 5 minutes. In either case 99.854% is still a very good uptime.

The good news is that the coupon is still active which means through this link you can sign up for Fatcow hosting for just $3.67/month ($44/year). This is a very small price to pay for the reliability, support and backing that comes with a well established host like Fatcow.

New Comparisons and Update - Posted 20 January 2010

I have just added some more comparison articles to this page to compare FatCow to other hosts. The more comparisons I do, the more I see what a great deal and service Fatcow provides. Fatcow is still my recommended host.

The other good news is that Fatcow still has their $3.67/month coupon going which can be accessed through this link

Update to Fatcow Review - Posted 16 December 2009

I have just added some pages to this review. Many of you have asked me whether Fatcow is better than X host etc. So I have added some FatCow comparisons which I intend to expand on. If you would like me to a particular comparison, feel free to send me an e-mail and I'll get it done.

Fatcow Special Coupon - $3.67/month - Posted 4 December 2009

I have just got my hands on an awesome coupon from Fatcow. If you go to their website and sign up through this link, you can get their fuly featured hosting plan for just $3.67/month. When I wrote this FatCow review I never thought I'd see this price. But at this price, it works out to just $44/year. Knowing my experience with FatCow, it would be the best $44 you have spent.

Fatcow Update- Posted 15 November 2009

Firstly I'd like to apologize for the delay in updating this FatCow review. I've just been really really busy. However, the good thing is that I haven't had any problems with my FatCow hosting as yet. Everything is going on fine, just like a host should be. I think a good host is one that you don't have to think about. You should forget that you're site is even hosted anywhere, you should be able to concentrate on growing your website and business. In my opinion, that is exacty what FatCow does. They host your website and they do it well. Despite their fun themed website, FatCow is a seriously professional firm who know what they are doing. I'll write a more detailed post in a couple of days.

Fatcow Update- Posted 24 September 2009

Just thought I'd do a general update. Basically all I have to add to this review is that I am having absolutely no problems with Fatcow and my website is hosting going fine.

Special Coupon for my visitors- Posted 6 August 2009

I have just found a very good discount if you want to buy Fatcow hosting. If you go through "this link" you can get a year's hosting for $47.88. That's $3.99 a month. That is an excellent deal and one I'm very jealous off since I'm paying more :(

Fatcow is now Green! - Posted 6 August 2009

Fatcow has just recently "Gone Green" and is now powered 100% by Wind Energy. This brings Fatcow upto par with many of the newer hosts who have a 100% green policy. It's good to know that I am not contributing to global warming and climate change through my website. All in all Fatcow will offset 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide. They have also put up their Renewable energy certificate on their website.

SiteUptime for Fatcow - Posted 14 June 2009

I have just setup uptime monitoring for this site as I believe it would add a lot of usefullness to this Fatcow review. Although from my observations I have not seen my website down, I have decided to get the website professionally monitored for uptime. You can view the uptime report and see how much downtime Factow has had.

My Fatcow Review Updates - Posted 10 May 2009

I just added a few more pages to my review of Fatcow, these include information about Fatcow's domains, databases and ftp services. Otherwise,my hosting with Fatcow is going fine and I'm very happy with them.

Fatcow Update & Coupon - Posted 29 April 2009

Just thought I'd give a quick update on my hosting with Fatcow so far. Basically so far so good. I haven't had any issues with Fatcow as yet and everything is going very smoothly. Server speed is good and servers are reliable.

At the moment the Fatcow yearly plan is on special at $66/year down from $88/year. HOWEVER if you buy from "this link" the price will be $4.83/month which is only $58/year. This is amazing value for a years worth of hosting from a reputable company such as Fatcow. Not to mention it makes me jealous that the plan is now $30 cheaper than when I bought it :( Enjoy anyway!

Fatcow Signup Process - Posted 21 March 2009

As you probably worked out this site which is My Fatcow review is hosted on Fatcow. I just signed up for an account with them. Here is a narration of how easy it is to sign up with Fatcow. As you will see, its registration process is quite simple to comprehend. 

First Things First 

There are four general steps when it comes to registering with Fatcow. To start off, you will go to a page called ‘Sign Up”. Upon clicking it, you will be directed to the first ever step, which is Choosing a Domain. In this section, you will be required to either register your domain name or think of an existing one. There is also an option to not register anything at all. After this, you can then click on ‘Continue’ 

Getting There 

Step two will bring you to A Confirm Selection Page. Here, you will have to choose your preferred plan. The product as well as pricings list will be available for viewing here. Simply choose the one you want to commit your domain name to, and you are off! There are also some other great product offers which you might want to buy as well, simply click them off if you want them. If not, you can just ignore them because you are not required to pay additional amounts for them. 

Almost Done 

Step Three is all about your account information. Here, you can things such as your email address, complete user information profile, security keywords and passwords, name of your business, and contact information. Here, you need to make sure that you fill in all the information for you to be able to proceed to the final step. Go over the different sign up spaces and see if you missed anything. Additionally, check if you have any typos on the pages for you to note if there are some errors in spelling or in detail. 


The final step is your check out section! Here, you can finally process the last thing to do in the registration and that is to fill out the pertinent order and payment-related forms. You will select the kind of payment scheme you want and then your order will finally be processed. After some time, you will be contacted by the company and you will be given the information you need in order to jumpstart your account!

About Fatcow - Posted 20 March 2009
Whenever you are taking advantage of a particular product or service, don’t you find it interesting to learn how the company started? Here, we will take a look at how a web hosting company called FatCow.com has gone from being a small web hosting provider, to one of the most trusted brands of today when it comes to this type of service.

The Deal behind the Name: How FatCow.com Started

First, let us take a look at how the name FatCow was derived. When you visit the official website of FatCow.com, they really do not reveal much information about the origin or even the inspiration behind the name.

What is clear is that FatCow.com is a web hosting company which started way back in 1998. The company is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Before venturing into this line of business, the people behind FatCow.com analyzed the current web hosting packages offered by the existing provider back then. What they found out is that in order to entice customers, web hosting companies used a lot of ‘techno babble’ in order to encourage the general consuming public to sign up for their services.

In addition, the pricing schemes offered to customers back then were quite confusing. What’s even worse is that the customers do not get the level of customer support that they deserve. It’s a good thing that the people behind FatCow.com decided to make a huge dent in the web hosting industry – and it was done in a good way.

What they did was develop a simpler approach to the way that the web hosting business is conducted. They also decided to focus on offering quality, friendly customer service. Thus, FatCow.com was born in 1998. And the rest, as they say, is history.

A Look at the Web Hosting Company that FatCow.com is Now

Now that you have an idea about how FatCow.com started out as a web hosting company, what is their current place in the industry? The good news is that despite the influx of new web hosting providers in the market, FatCow.com has managed to stay strong as a company. They now serve as host to more than 300,000 websites from around the world.

Also, FatCow.com offers a full range of shared web hosting solutions which are suitable for small to medium-sized business owners. If you are looking for an affordable shared web hosting package and you would like to take advantage of a company which can be considered a ‘veteran’ in the web hosting industry, then you will never go wrong when choosing the services offered by FatCow.com.


Fatcow Website: http://www.fatcow.com

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